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5 stars!!

I would definitely recommend Fido’s Finest! I heard of Fido’s Finest (Cassandra) from my dad’s friend who had a very high energy dog. He took him to Fido’s Finest and he was 100 percent better after 3 weeks of the board and train program. Then, my dad took his 4 year old Golden Retriever to Fido’s Finest, and he came back a completely different dog. He was able to stay in the house with everyone because he was so well behaved. Before, he was so wild that they had to always crate him (even during the day) when everyone was home because he was so crazy!

We then enrolled Scout in the Board and Train program for 2 weeks. I highly recommend the board and train over the other options, because I think it helps for the dog to be with Cassandra 24/7. I would never have put Scout in a boarding program if I didn’t feel comfortable with who the trainer was or didn’t know the trainer. When you drop off your dog for training, Cassandra will ask you to pick 4 things that you want your dog to work on. Each one of the things that we put, Scout is very good at. I really think that he is TONS better…. he doesn’t bite us at all, he doesn’t bark for attention anymore, and he is much more calm and better behaved. Before the training, we couldn’t even get ready in the mornings without him biting us and at night we couldn’t even sit on the couch without him barking and biting. He is still a puppy, and naturally, she can’t take that stage out of the dog, but for the most part, I think he came back a different dog completely. I would highly recommend Fido’s Finest! She uses positive reinforcement training which I really like, because it makes the dogs want to train. Scout loves the training and his tail doesn’t stop wagging! ha. But there are no shock collars, no hitting the dog on the nose or elsewhere, etc.
5 stars!!

Spenser Housewright
The best trainers ever!!!

Charli, my dog, loves them! Charli was a mess when we got her, and now, she’s the best dog we’ve ever had! All because of their training! We’ll forever be thankful we found ‘Fido’s Finest!!!!!

Elena Eckhouse Plano, TX
The results were amazing.

I have a 4 yr old white golden retriever who had never really been trained at all. He (Storm) was basically out of control. He had to be crated much of the time do to so many bad habits and behaviors.

It had come to the point where we were going to have to find him a good home. We then heard about Casandra and decided to reluctantly give training a try.

Storm spent 3 weeks with Casandra for boarding and training. She kept in contact with me the entire time with updates and photos. I knew Storm was a challenge but she always remained positive. I was cautiously optimistic when we picked him up and had our hour long orientation on how to continue the training at home..

The results were amazing. Storm was incredibly well behaved and obedient. He listened for the first time in four years. His bad habits of jumping on people and furniture were solved. He no longer counter surfs. Casandra has a special gift in training these dogs using.positive reinforcement. Storm has continued to behave himself at home and is such a pleasure to have around.

Thank you Casandra for a job well done. I highly recommend her. Just don’t wait 4 years.

Bryan ReeseDallas, TX
Fantastic service and very affordable.

Fido’s Finest is the finest. That’s why they call it finest! Seriously, these ladies are caring and supportive and most importantly knowledgeable! Fantastic service and very affordable.

Graham GillDallas Tx
Well worth every penny!

I just adopted a new puppy and because of my work schedule, group classes didn’t provide enough flexibility. I have taken past dogs to group puppy classes but have been disappointed in the results. I wasn’t sure what to do, when my groomer suggested private training and recommended Fido’s Finest. The training provided has been phenomenal and the results are impressive. My puppy learned in one session what previous pets still struggled with after an 8 week class. It’s been only 6 sessions now, and my puppy has learned what my past dog never learned in his lifetime! Everyone who meets my puppy is amazed at his behavior and how well trained he is at such a young age. The trainers are experienced, love the animals and love what they do. They are just as excited and pleased as you are when your puppy masters a command. The best part is that I get training too! I’m learning how to communicate with my puppy so he understands what to do to please me. The result has been a happy pet and owner. I wondered if there really was a difference in group versus private training and if it’s really worth the extra cost. There is most definitely a difference if you use Fido’s Finest and it is well worth every penny!

Rose & FrankieAllen, TX