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I highly recommend Fido's Finest to my friends.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with Chip! He can now sit, stay, drop it, leave it, wait, come when called and my daughter’s favorite, DANCE!! I highly recommend Fido’s Finest to my friends.

A. CaseyDallas, Tx
my manners are impeccable…

Mo, all inclusive puppy training

My name is Mo and I was once a sad little rescue dog. I didn’t have very good doggie manners, because no one had ever taken the time to teach me. My parents introduced me to Fido’s Finest and now I am a happy girl and my manners are impeccable! I even passed my Canine Good Citizen test. Ask your human to take you to Fido’s Finest, it is great doggie fun.

Mo Moore (typed by her mom) Plano, TX
If you are on the fence about getting a trainer for your new puppy or even an older dog, Get off that fence and call “Fido’s Finest”.

My wife & I met Casandra Lambert and we are so glad that we did. We have a 20 week old Australian shepherd that she has worked wonders with. She uses nothing but positive training methods and our puppy was very responsive to her right away. She was even able to teach our other dog that is 10 years old new tricks. You know they say it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks but with “Fido’s Finest” it was easy to teach an old dog new tricks! She taught our new puppy to sit, keep his eyes on us, stop biting us & clothing, lay down, sit up, lay down on his side, come when called, leave something when it falls on the ground (food), roll over, turn around, target objects, sit and not move until called and a lot more than that; too much to list. I can even set a treat on my puppy’s paw and he will wait for me to tell him to take it. Casandra is always on time for the training session, she is very professional & our dogs are always excited to see her! I would have to say that “Fido’s Finest” teaches your dog but also trains you, the handler, how to work with your dog to get the results that we all want–a well behaved responsive dog. So if you want to train your dog to behave or you want to show off how smart your dog is and the tricks that he/she knows, “Fido’s Finest” is the way to go. Good job, Casandra & we appreciate your help more than you know.

Jon, Jodi, Honey & Bono SandersCarrollton Texas
Amazing Results.

Casandra and Marne are our family’s very own “Dog Whisperers”. Whether it’s our five year old 70 lb lab, or our two year old 7 lb pound puppy, Casandra and Marne love them equally, and are loved equally. Their patience and skill combine to create an incredible training team that yield amazing results.

The Donovan FamilyFrisco, Texas
...an amazing connection with animals.

When I think about how much Marne has given us, I almost cannot put my gratitude into words. We fell in love with Fiona the dog; she was up for adoption. It would be the beginning of an emotional roller coaster. Fiona had been in many foster homes and had some behavioral and trust issues. We immediately felt a connection, but the first night at home was less than pleasant…far less. In our sleepless haze we made the heartbreaking decision, like others before us, to return Fiona. After a couple of days of tears and guilt, we decided to beg for another chance with Fiona. We were told that she was going to be living a trainer, Marne, for a three week boot camp and we could pick her up at the end. When we picked Fiona up we were both excited and nervous, based on the last night we had spent with our new pet. I cannot tell you the difference. Night and day…she was still a little nervous, but her bad habits were under control. Marne came to our house weekly for months to help all of us adjust to our new family. We have another lab and felt like we were good doggie parents, but Marne was a miracle worker. We cannot imagine our lives without Fiona or Marne. When we have traveled over the past several years, Marne is the only person we have trusted to care for Fiona and Nicholas. She has an amazing connection with animals and truly enjoys what she does.

Bert & Devon Adams