Meet the trainers

We are a team of professional certified dog trainers whose passion it is to bring you fun, effective and quality dog training.

How Fido’s Finest Dog Training started…

Fido’s Finest Dog Training was born out of two girls’ love for their animals and a wonderful friendship. Here’s how they became dog trainers and started Fido’s Finest Dog Training:

Casandra and Marne

Casandra and Marne were set up on a friendship blind date by Marne’s husband because he knew they had a similar passion for our four-legged friends!  Sure enough, it was friends at first sight! They hit it off so well that they annoyed all their friends at dinner that night with their nonstop talk about dogs and dog training. They had no idea the lifelong friendship and business that would be born out of that first meeting.

As Marne and Casandra formed Fido’s Finest Dog Training, they knew they wanted more than just another dog training business. They wanted to provide professional training that was actually fun for dogs and their people! Training that could be easily added to the family routine. As the business has grown, they’ve hired and trained other women who share their core values and beliefs, allowing Fido’s Finest to reach even more families in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Now, with over 15 years as dog trainers, they are proud to see that Fido’s Finest has become a thriving business that saves dogs’ lives by helping them become well-mannered members of the family. They feel incredibly blessed to be able to do what they truly love day in and day out!

Meet The Trainers at Fido’s Finest Dog Training

Meet the Trainers | Casandra Lambert - Trainer at Fido's Finest Dog TrainingCasandra Lambert, Co-owner/ Trainer at Fido’s Finest Dog Training

Meet the Trainers | Marne Pringle - Trainer at Fido's Finest Dog TrainingMarne Pringle, Co-owner/ Trainer at Fido’s Finest Dog Training

Meet the Trainers | Denice Forney - Trainer at Fido's Finest Dog TrainingDenice Forney, Trainer at Fido’s Finest Dog Training


We are members of “The Association of Proffesional Dog Trainers” and  “Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers”

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In The Community

We offered free classes at Klyde Warren Park to promote the city of Dallas and the opening of the new park.  It was our way of giving back to the city.  Read more about it at »